The price for a website varies in the same way the price varies for motor vehicles or houses. Like these and other commodities, the price will vary dependent upon the purpose, scale, level of functionality and degree of finish and/or customisation.

Please review the following variations in advance to determine which is closest to your requirements.

In every case, I will provide a written proposal with pricing details after we have a detailed briefing.

Please note: Third-party prices will be additional, provided by the relevant parties, eg. photography, writing, illustration, SEO expertise and so on.


As a guide, the average price for the design and production of a simple website with CMS (eg. WordPress CMS) is $3000 plus GST.

Price range from $2000 to $4000 plus GST

What you get for the price

  • Briefing directly with the designer (me)
  • One point of contact (me)
  • Written Proposal (approx 8 pages of detail)
  • Access to online Project management system
  • Information Architecture design
  • Graphic design
  • Graphic design integration with CMS and HTML/CSS frameworks
  • Responsive design to suit tablet and mobile devices
  • Content input*
  • 3 hours complementary authors corrections
  • If required, arrangement of web hosting*
  • Installation and configuration on hosted server
  • If required, setup of email accounts with web host, and supply settings for your email client (eg. Microsoft Outlook of Apple Mail)*
  • CMS training in your common tasks
  • Split payments across multiple invoices, typically one-third at startup, one-third midway and the remainder upon successful upload and launch of live site once we agree everything is complete.

* Price ranges up or down dependent on:

  • the complexity of the information design and graphic design,
  • the amount of pages to be built,
  • the amount of images to be optimised,
  • and amount of galleries required, and
  • whether I am required to arrange website hosting and email setup.

** Additional support invoiced on an ‘as needed’ annual basis, typically $100 per hour.


Price range from $4000 to $8000 plus GST

A website of enhanced functionality includes all the elements of a simple website, but has enhancements such as:

    • greater use of existing CMS (eg. a WordPress theme) functionality, using modules or plugins
    • an addition to the CMS using third-party functionality, or
    • completely custom hand-coded functionality or plugins

Extensions and additions to an existing CMS like WordPress (or a WordPress theme) may include functions such as:

    • DIY complex forms
    • customised subscriber data capture
    • membership database
    • email newsletter campaigns
    • surveys or polls
    • events management system
    • customer relationship management system

Price range from $8000 to $16000 plus GST

An advanced website is often characterised by:

  • very large number of pages and/or content resources (such as photos, pdfs, videos, illustration, animation)
  • a large suite of coordinated complex plugins
  • integration of multiple subsites

Price range usually upward of $20000

Whereas the simple, enhanced and advanced websites employ the use of an existing CMS such as WordPress, a custom site may or may not include an existing CMS.

The assumption with a custom website is that the features and functionality cannot be obtained using a CMS—the requirements are either more advanced or completely unique to your entity.

Creating such a website or app always involves the formation of a partnership, to extend the range of technical expertise available to your project.

Pricing and invoicing is provided separately by all parties involved.

I tend to provide the lead in project management terms, and my component in the whole project may range between $2000 and $6000.

Hourly Rates

$100 plus GST per hour

I am available as a consultant to website owners, website developers and graphic design studios:

  • Integration of your provided graphic design into WordPress, Adobe Business Catalyst, or handcoded solution
  • to produce graphic design for the web and screen-based technologies
  • custom coding of HTML and CSS
  • assisting with purchase of domain names, web/email hosting, and email setup

I am also happy to provide a fixed price based upon a fixed scope.