Are you my ideal prospective client?

My ideal prospect is:

  • a solo or micro-business person
  • a community service or not-for-profit organisation
  • passionate about their business venture
  • aiming to build a carefully-planned, well-thought-out website.
  • wanting to benefit from managing their own content

You would also be:

  • actively obtaining proposals from several web design businesses
  • taking responsibility for creating content and meeting timeframes
  • interested in both the process and the final outcome
  • keen for a visually distinctive result
  • able to deliver a detailed brief, or work with me to create one
  • willing to undertake a split-billing cycle (startup, midway, final)
  • working together with a positive attitude

If you are this type of person, you’re my ideal prospective client. We should meet up and discuss your project — how about giving me a call?


I also partner and subcontract to businesses involved in making websites, sometimes on fixed price projects, but more often under an hourly rate:

  • software development businesses
  • graphic design businesses
  • web design businesses
  • marketing businesses
  • editorial businesses
  • SEO businesses