TATHRA stickers are available for wholesale purchase. Send an email to darryl@itchybrain.com.au or phone 0403 793 422

The Tathra Beach General Store stocks the TATHRA wharf sticker.

Sticker instructions for adhesion (eg. to a motor vehicle):

  1. Clean the area of the vehicle window or body with warm soapy water.
  2. Use a white spirit such as Methylated Spirits as a final surface clean.
  3. There are three layers to the sticker; leave the protective layer on the front of the sticker.
  4. Peel approx 1/4 of the back layer down from the top.
  5. Align and stick the top of the sticker to the vehicle surface
  6. Using a spatula (without sharp edges) or a plastic-card (such as a bank card) swipe upward on the front of the protective layer. Press firmly to help obtain a flat adhesion and remove any bubbles.
  7. With the top of the sticker firmly adhesed, and continuing to leave the front layer on, slowly peel the back layer down, while simultaneously slowly swiping the front layer downward with the spatula or card.
  8. Once the back layer is completely removed, and the sticker is completely adhesed, continue to swipe the front layer to assist with a flat adhesion, and further removal of any bubbles.
  9. The final step is to remove the front protective layer.